Get Ready for Wedding Season: Rules to Being the Perfect Bridesmaid

Be a Good BridesmaidPippa Middleton looked absolutely stunning at the Royal Wedding (although we don’t recommend ever wearing white), and perfectly fulfilled her duty as big sister Kate’s Maid of Honor. Follow these rules so when it’s your time in the bridal party spotlight, you’ll be equally as eloquent and attentive to your bride’s needs:

Be available: Your bride may not realize she needs help until you offer it to her. Volunteer for boring tasks (addressing and mailing invitations and save the dates, picking up favors, etc.) and she’ll be more apt to ask for your help for the fun ones. One that note…

Be a good bachelorette: Match your bachelorette party to the bride’s personality. If she’s not into male go-go dancers and penis straws, here are some ideas:

  • Girly? Try A spa day/night with the girls.
  • Elegant? Dinner and a show never fail.
  • Sports junkie? Go to a game for her favorite team.
  • Kid at heart? Laser tag, late-night bowling, barcades, or roller rinks are as cheap, fun, and easy as the strippers you’ll avoid.

Be beautifully budget-conscious: Being a bridesmaid is expensive. Pick your splurges:

  • If you plan to spring for a fancy salon updo, do your own makeup. (If you do, avoid foundations with SPF or mica: they’ll create a white cast in photos.)
  • Instead of dyeable shoes you’ll never wear again, try a sleek neutral or metallic heel that you’ll pull out of your closet over and over again.
  • It’s easier (and cheaper) to have a large dress taken in than a too-tight dress let out. Bonus: You’ll be able to breathe.

Be gracious: You represent the bride. Make her look good!

  • You don’t have to be best friends with the other bridesmaids, but be nice. Even if they were raised in a kennel club, keep your claws to yourself.
  • An open bar isn’t an invitation to get wasted. There are going to be a lot of pictures. Do you want your eyes sparkling or bloodshot?
  • If you make a toast, keep it brief and don’t embarrass the bride. (Seriously, don’t get into that “hilarious” story about when she forgot a tampon at cheerleading practice.)

Have a brilliant bridesmaid tip? A cringe-worthy horror story? Share it with us!

Photo Credit: jchong via Flickr

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