Find the Sexiest Jeans for Your Body

Best Jeans for Your BodyWe all know what it’s like to shop for jeans: it’s an often frustrating catastrophe that leads to impatiently waiting in line at Auntie Anne’s with no shopping bag in hand. It’s probably not the best moment in a 20-something’s life, but it’s certainly one of the most relatable.

Shopping for the perfect jean isn’t magical and definitely takes patience, but don’t be discouraged! If you find a pair that doesn’t work, look in the mirror and ask yourself why. What parts are not flattering? What area is a little too tight? What is the jean accentuating? Is the wash the right color? Learning from the bad pairs can make shopping for the right pair 10 times easier! Sounds a little like dating, huh?


  • If your hips and thighs are the so-called “trouble areas” look for a dark wash straight leg (not skinny) or wide leg jean that falls from the largest point on your thigh/hip down to your feet. This particular style will elongate your legs!
  • If you can’t find a straight cut jean, look for a denim trouser instead. Trousers are trendy and are a great option for a dress pant as well.
  • Balance out your upper half. Blessed a little more than others? Try a flare leg or wide leg jean.
  • Every girl needs at least one pair of dark wash jeans. They are not only slimming but are versatile for a dinner out, date night, or any event!
  • Mid-rise is the best fit for those who carry weight in their stomach. A low-rise jean often accentuates the stomach at its worst part leaving the forbidden muffin top. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.
  • Buy the correct size no matter what the “number” is! This is the biggest and most common mistake women make. No one will ask your jean size, but you can bet that they will notice if your flab or butt is sticking out when they are simply too small or large!


  • Avoid bulky pockets unless you are a non-curvy girl who wants to create the illusion of curves.
  • Avoid bunching or evidence of a saggy crotch! This should be noted as a crime scene!
  • Don’t even think about buying something pleated or with an elastic band!
  • Cuffs on the bottom of jeans work for tall girls with long legs, but avoid them if your legs are on the shorter side as they will shorten them even more.
  • Avoid faded jeans unless you’re attempting to create curves or want the faded area to become a focus point. These jeans are helpful for non-curvy gals who need a little extra oomph.


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