Giuliana Rancic Spills Her Top Shopping Secrets to Us. Hello, Gucci!

Giuliana RancicFull disclosure: E! News’ Giuliana Rancic is the type of woman we hope to be in the 30-something stage. She’s got the career, the guy, and looks damn hot interviewing celebs on the red carpet. And ladies, if you’re lucky enough to live in the San Diego area, you can hear Giuliana and her hubbs Bill give their best money advice to 20-somethings tomorrow as part of MasterCard and California Coast Credit Union’s Free (yes, free!) Financial Forum at the Balboa Theatre. Want to go? Call 1-877-870-0659 or text SAN DIEGO to 89332.

As for the rest of us, Life2PointOh will roll out stories next week packed with tips and tricks from the power couple—everything from which Chicago bar Bill recommends for finding a guy to career advice every 20-something must follow. But for now, let’s peek inside G’s treasure chest of shopping secrets. Cha-ching!

If you love designer looks, but not their hefty price tags, Giuliana recommends a little online shopping. “I’ll go to Craigslist—even if you live in Minnesota, go to Craigslist under Beverly Hills—and just see what they’re selling,” the co-author of I Do, Now What? suggests. “Or Manhattan—target places where there are really wealthy women who just want to get rid of their stuff. Even on eBay; search by location and zip code.”

Estate sales are another great option if you’re one to scour thrift shops on the weekend, and oh, there’s more! Although she may be able to afford it, Giuliana’s no label whore. The entertainment guru tells us that she often wears head-to-toe middle or lower-end designers and then adds mah-jor punch to her look with just one designer piece. “If people see a Gucci bracelet on you or you’re wearing a great shoe, they assume the rest of the outfit is all designer.” Sneaky, sneaky. We like.


What’s your favorite designer item in your closet? Did you score a good deal on it?


Photo Credit: @GiulianaRancic; Giuliana Rancic Facebook Page

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