Instructional Videos: How to Dance at a Wedding

Wedding Dance

It’s wedding season, and whether you’re a bride or a guest, you will definitely be spending some time on the dance floor at some point this summer. To get you ready for the inevitable wedding reception line dance, we searched YouTube for the best how-to videos for the top five dances to do at weddings. You’re welcome.

Cupid Shuffle (full song here)

Chicken Dance

Cotton Eyed Joe

Cha Cha Slide

Down South Shuffle (full song here)

We couldn’t find an amazing how-to video of someone doing the bunny hop (the Da Entourage version), but that’s another one of our favorites. So, if you know how and want to send us a video, please do! We’re going to go and start practicing our moves. See you on the dance floor!

Photo Credit: daVeck Studios


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