Saved By The Bell Lessons That Translate to Your 20s

Saved by the Bell

We all grew up watching Saved By the Bell, and that’s why we’re such a smart generation. Many of the life lessons we learned with the show can be used beyond the high school years. Here are some of our favorites that can translate to our 20s:

Clear your schedule and get sleep when stressed - In one of the most famous episodes, Jessie thinks that she can’t do it all (midterms and singing group) without help from caffeine pills. Turns out, the pills only hurt her ability to focus.

If you’re parents don’t approve of him, show them why you love him - Screech starts dating Violet from the glee club, but after he makes a fool out of himself in front of her parents, they forbid her to see him. Violet struggles with her song in the glee competition later on, and Screech saves the day by accompanying her onstage. Violet’s parents approve of him once they see how sweet he could be.

It’s not a good idea to date your boss - Kelly learned that when she fell in love with her boss Jeff at The Max. Spoiler alert: it didn’t last…. awkward.

Office politics exist at every job. It’s up to you to figure out the right thing to do - At the beach club, Zack’s boss Mr. Carosi tells Zack he should vote for his daughter Stacey in the Fourth of July beauty pageant. But it’s tricky because Lisa, Kelly and Jessie are in the pageant too. Zack has to look at the situation and votes for Kelly, much to Mr. Carosi’s dismay.

Sometimes the costs outweigh the benefits - Like that time the school struck oil, but then a spill happened and their pond and beloved ducks got covered in oil.

There’s no hope with dopeEnough said.

What was your favorite Saved by the Bell lesson? Share it with us in a comment below!

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  • Stephen

    Drug addictions are no joke, even if they are just caffeine pills – Jesse struggles to balance studying for midterms and her singing group’s performance and winds up hooked on caffeine pills. Her good friend Zack Morris intervenes, as Jesse realizes “I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I’m so… scared!”

  • Sincerelyem

    Sometimes, even when it feels right, you have to move on. Kelly broke up with Zack even though she still cared for him (homecoming dance that outside the gym. so many tears).  If it’s meant to be it will be. 

  • Nicole

    And they ended up getting married, so it WAS meant to be! 

  • Rose

    I always remembered that the last three letters of Principal spell “Pal” HA HA HA  LOL

  • Victoria4986

    I loved the one with Jessi, when she learned that she can’t so everything. That no one is superwomen/superman. I also loved the episode that said there is no hope with dope. Amazing lessons to learn, especially when you know someone who has gone through those lessons personally.

  • lizzie

    My favorite was the one when they were “Zack Attack” the songs were legit and sounded pretty good, i would’ve bought an album and gone to the concert too. LOVED that episode.

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