5 Things To Do Before The World Ends


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you should know that The Rapture is coming tomorrow. All of us sinners will be left behind while the chosen ones go to heaven. No matter what side you are on, here is a list of things you should probably do before tomorrow at 6 p.m.

1. Fess up – Tell your mom it was really you who broke her favorite vase and not the housekeeper.

2. Kiss the boy – If the world ends tomorrow, you don’t have anything to lose. Go make-out with that guy you secretly go to bed thinking about every night.

3. Throw/crash a party – We don’t care which one. Just party. The world is only going to end once.

4. Treat yourself – Go buy that $400 purse you have been drooling over the past six months. You can’t take money with you when you go, so why not have a great bag for one night!

5. Make Up – Tell your former bestie you’re sorry for whatever you did wrong. No one wants to the world to end with their best girlfriend mad at them.

Got some more to add to the list? Let us know by commenting below!

Photo Credit: © Amy Seder

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  • http://matchdotbomb.com Rosa Colon

    If this thing goes down, I’m excited about not paying off my student loans. Instead I would use that money and buy myself a Ferrari. And then just drive. Gosh, I miss driving. From someone who lives in NY, don’t ever take for granted the simple joy of going to the grocery store and getting to drive your groceries home! I miss my car… [Sigh.] So yes, I would buy a Ferrari and then go grocery shopping and buy all the diet coke and pizza rolls I wanted. I also think, if the world was truly ending, it would be fun to empty my bank account and “make it rain.” The media makes throwing money around look so fun. Probably only fun for like 2 seconds… Top of my own bucket list tonight: I want to finish watching The Sopranos since I just got into it and am obsessed. (It’s the little things.)

    So they’re saying the rapture happens at 6:pm? Is it rude to assume EST?

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