Ready for Bikini Season? Break A Fitness Rut—in 5 Easy Steps!

yoga classSummertime—aka bikini time—is right around the corner and striking fear in those who let recent April showers slide you into a fitness rut. It’s time to get out! There’s a lot to look forward to in the warm weather and there’s nothing better than feeling good about your body when it’s time to hit the beach. Use these tips to get back in action:

1. Set your goals. Before jumping into a health regime, make obtainable weekly and monthly goals. Write them down; anything from “run 5 miles without stopping” to “lose ten pounds.” Keep your goals in a place where you’ll see them often; post it on the fridge or stick it in your wallet. Every time you see it, you’ll be energized to reach that goal.

2. Make a schedule. Each week write out what you hope to accomplish. List when you will go to the gym and what workouts you will do. Checking off your workout each night will give you a sense of accomplish and keep you going.

3. Hold yourself accountable. Working with a partner will allow you to keep each other in check. A great way to work together is to a make a shared Google document. That way you can continually update your workouts and food logs, knowing that someone else will be reading it.

4. Walk, don’t ride. Whenever possible, squeeze physical activity into your regular routine. If you can walk to work instead of taking the subway or driving, make the time to do it. All the extra movement will add up.

5. Switch it up. If you’ve fallen into a rut because you’ve become bored with the same old workout, try something new. Head to your gym and try a new class, go biking, lift some weights. By switching up your routine you’ll engage different muscles and keep yourself entertained.

Amanda Shapin has been a New York City certified spinning instructor for 5 years. She’s known to be tough and will yell at anyone taking her class, including Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.

Photo Credit: lululemon athletica via Flickr

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