20-Something Reasons Why I Defriended You

Facebook friends

Hey, you! Yeah… you. I know we go way back. Like that time you liked my status about the funny story I told to get out of jury duty. And I thoroughly enjoyed sifting through all of your pics from when you were living abroad. But here’s the deal: it was time to end what we had going on. That’s right. I defriended you on Facebook. Please don’t get too upset. Instead, use this as a learning experience so that your current fan base doesn’t plummet. Below, dear friend, are some of the reasons why I defriended you:

  1. Your profile picture is the pee stick that confirmed your pregnancy.
  2. You have strong political opinions in your status updates, none of which I agree with.
  3. I only accepted your friend request so that I could confirm my life turned out better than yours.
  4. I don’t care to know what you’re doing every minute of the day.
  5. Your baby pics (however adorable he is) are clogging up my newsfeed.
  6. I’m getting really bummed out from your emo song lyrics.
  7. You’re an ex and I couldn’t care less if we ever spoke again.
  8. You’re an ex and you look really happy in your pics with the new girl.
  9. You’re dating my ex.
  10. Your status updates suck.
  11. I’m tired of being bombarded with updates about your work-related projects.
  12. You invite me to too many events.
  13. You don’t invite me to any of your events.
  14. I don’t care what you ate… and I don’t want to see it.
  15. You think it’s okay to talk about your baby’s poo in updates. It’s not.
  16. We used to be friends in real life and now we’re not. Awkward.
  17. You have too many inside jokes that I don’t get.
  18. You’re a creepy friend of a friend who I reluctantly accepted, but turns out you didn’t know my friend either.
  19. You haven’t updated Facebook since poking was cool.
  20. To put it simply, it was time for a clean out and you didn’t make the cut.

Any more reasons? Leave them in a comment below!

NOTE: We promise we won’t defriend you if you like us on Facebook and Twitter :)

Photo Credit: Dan Taylor via Flickr

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  • Aliss

    You’re my ex’s best friend who I never really liked in the first place.  No, I don’t want to stay friends, in real life or on Facebook!

  • Lexxy

    You like everything I put on Facebook. And I barely know you. Stalker much?

  • Maya_peep

    Your status updates are more like diary entries. btw NO ONE CARES

  • http://www.facebook.com/arizonasnowangel617 Beth Yanka

    Everything you post is either Debbie Downer negative or drama queen material. Grow up and learn to find the joy in life! Sheesh!

  • Lauren

    You took my number off my profile and texted me a winky face…and I’ve never talked to you in my life!

  • CVWriter08

    You are always talking about your loser guy and how much you love him. I don’t care.

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