Weekend Fun: What Movie Should I Watch?

best movies to watchDifferent moods call for different movies, so we’ve compiled a little go-to guide. Get that popcorn ready, and enjoy!

Scenario: Your best friend gets engaged and you are having mixed feelings.
Watch: Bridesmaids

Scenario: You have a crush on a friend you’ve known forever.
Watch: 13 Going on 30

Scenario:  You’re feeling down on life, and in search of a feel-good flick.
Watch: Life is Beautiful

Scenario: It’s girls night!
Watch: Spring Breakdown (TRUST US!)

Scenario: You’re feeling sentimental for college.
Watch: Animal House or Old School (or both)

Scenario: You’re dealing with a not-so-nice clique at work.
Watch: Mean Girls

Scenario: You’re in a Christmas-y mood (even in July!).
Watch: Love Actually

Scenario: You’ve recently moved, you’re feeling homesick, and wondering if you’ve made the right choice.
Watch: Under The Tuscan Sun

Scenario: You’re in the mood for a silly, fun movie to watch with a dude.
Watch: Grandma’s Boy


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