Guys Reveal: “I Knew I Wanted to Marry Her Because…”

proposeWhat does it take for a guy to get on his knee, ask one simple question and slide a ring on it? Turns out, there’s no clear answer–it just depends on the guy. Sure, finding the right woman is a key aspect of taking that next step. But sometimes, that right woman has to wait a few years (cough Kate Middleton cough) as the man works through his own issues (that’s not to say men are the only ones who deal with commitment issues, but that’s another article for another day). So, in a very unscientific study, we asked a few married and soon-to-be-married guys to spill what it was that made them ready to take those vows. Cue the “Awws!”

She Never Let Me Down
“I think what made me take the step toward marriage was the thought that there was no one else in this world that could make me happier than Carla. People sometimes call marriage ‘settling down’ – this was far from settling! There wasn’t one specific instance that made me realize it, but rather the realization over years that this woman would have my back through the greatest times and the toughest, and love me the same through it all. She waited long enough too–we dated off and on for close to 10 years before I popped the question.” – Jorge, 27, married 8 months

Distance Made Us Closer
“I started dating Cassie in 2003 and from the very start, things just worked out. It was easy to hang out with her, and we built not only a good relationship, but a great friendship. We both took love very seriously and for the first two years, neither of us used the word ‘love’ to describe our feelings for each other. It wasn’t until she took a semester to study abroad in Costa Rica that I realized something was special about her. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder and it does. I planned a surprise weeklong trip to see her in Costa Rica, and that was the first time we said ‘I love you.’ There wasn’t a rush to get married because we wanted to make sure the timing was right. I wanted to have a stable job, and she wanted to finish school and get into her career, and we both wanted to live financially stable on our own. Once that was established, I set up the proposal.” – Jason, 27, married 2+ years

She Stuck By Me
“Before I met Jen, all my life consisted of was late-night partying, wasting money and letting time pass while living ‘the life.’ When we started getting more serious, I knew I couldn’t imagine spending another day without her. That’s when I knew she was the one. All the ups and downs that maybe would have caused other couples to call it quits, we stuck through it and I loved her even more for that.” – Ryan, 30, dating 5 years, getting married in November

I Had My Life Together
“I knew it was time to pop the question when I finally bought my house and started my career. I had my life under control and was ready to dedicate 110 percent of myself to her. On a side note, I kinda feel like some women don’t necessarily give a guy enough reasons to settle down and take the next step. A woman will move in with her boyfriend, but if he is getting everything he wants, then why would he want to get married?” – Lee, 27, married 1 year

I Didn’t Have to Think About It
“Jessica and I had a situation where we knew I would be moving away after a year, so to continue our relationship after I left would be a challenge requiring a lot of effort. I realized she was the woman I wanted to marry one morning waking up next to her. I was lying there and I could not think of a more perfect life or person to spend my life with. I kissed her, she woke up just enough to tell me she loved me, put her arm over me and fell back asleep. I felt the feeling of absolute joy and comfort, and I have felt that way every moment since. Knowing I wanted to marry Jessica was the easiest decision of my life. I have no doubts in my mind.” – Kevin, 25, dating 1.5 years, getting married in September


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