Find Bridesmaid Dresses Your Friends Will Love (For Real!)

bridesmaid dressesCongratulations! You’ve just received a huge rock of a ring, and you’re going to be marrying the guy of your dreams. Everything seems perfect until…

Fast forward to post say yes to the dress, and now you’ve taken on the stressful duty of choosing what your bridesmaids should wear. That’s right: You’ve suddenly become a stylist and a bride. If it wasn’t hard enough deciding who the MOH would be, things just turned a little trickier, so we’re providing you with bridesmaid rules to shop by: 

Size Matters: When choosing a bridesmaid’s dress, keep in mind that not everyone is built the same. If you have two girls that are completely opposite shapes, rather than forcing both of them into the same dress, let them have two choices in the same color.

A Safe Bet: Choose a simplistic style dress such as an A-line, wrap dress, or separates (skirt and top) that will look good on pretty much every shape and size. Need a little more flare? Dress up a simple style by adding a sash or brightly colored flowers.

Buy in Bulk: Many bridal stores give discounts to those who buy their bridesmaid dresses at the same place you purchased your gown. Save your maids some money! After all, they aren’t made of gold! Even though it’s your day, they are technically paying a price for it.

Sole Sisters: Tea-length dresses are cute and currently in style; however, if your choice is this shorter length dress (and you’re into the matchy-matchy thing), your girls now have to purchase new shoes. The easiest route here is finding a nationally located department store or bridal shop so everyone can easily pick up the same pair.

And Remember: No matter how beautiful your choice of a bridesmaid dress is they won’t wear it again! Rarely this happens because–unless you live a swanky life filled with fancy parties–there aren’t many occasions when you can wear a semi-formal dress, plus going to the tailor to shorten a gown is yet another added expense. In the end, this is one bridal decision not worth fretting over!

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