Stop Falling for Mr. Unavailable!

unavailable manIf every guy you meet and like seems to either be married to his job, constantly goes M.I.A. or is just looking for a rebound fling (sigh), step away. You’ve just encountered Mr. Unavailable. It’s disappointing and frustrating to never know where things stand between you two. We get it. Some guys are really hard to read! (Wait, now you just want to be friends?) To avoid the inevitable with this over-populated species, watch for these warning signs showing that Mr. Has Potential needs to be told “See ya!”

He fails to return your calls/texts/emails/Facebook posts/tweets. OK, so this may be a bit stalker-ish (guilty!). But with all the different outlets of communication available these days, there are no excuses for him to be unreachable for extended periods of time.

He loves to hang out…between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. This is venturing into booty-call territory. If he’s not available to take you out in the daylight, then the connection is restricted to the bedroom. So in the case of Mr. Late Night, nobody says it better than How I Met Your Mother’s Ted Mosby: Nothing good happens after 2 a.m.

He sets rules and boundaries. If he’s adamant that he has a very chaotic work schedule and can squeeze you in hmm…let’s see here…how about every other Wednesday, your response is simple. NEXT! And if he insists on only going to your place, chances are he’s hiding something or someone.

He constantly brings up “The Ex.” You know he broke up with his ex-girlfriend a few months ago and that’s his reason for taking things slow. So why does he bring her up in every conversation? Because. He. Is. Not. Over. Her.

He admits to being a commitment-phobe. If he says it out loud, run. Faster. You know, when we think about it, does this phobia even really exist? Sounds like a cop-out for keeping things light and without meaning. Agree with us?


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  • Janet

    Funny and I agree! The Weekend Thing, is also annoying. The guy magically still exists and the texting/phone calls/FB messages blowing up Friday afternoon, just as the weekend’s about to start. Ignore. You’re better off with the guy sitting at the bar where the ‘weekend thing’ wants to meet up, that bar guy may not be so great either, but he’s not the same old ‘weekend thing’ . ^_~

    Miss you Ashley! Keep writing!!

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