Are You Ready for Baby Makes 3?

ready for a babyYou’re married and settled into your blissful life of two. The house is quiet and weekly date nights are still part of your normal routine. But, what comes next? A baby, perhaps? Making sure that you and your husband are on the same page about starting a family and raising a child together is essential and doesn’t happen overnight. You need time to think about, discuss and review; yes, it sounds systematic but there are a lot of factors that shouldn’t go unnoticed before getting pregnant. Answer these five questions before you start skipping your pills.


1.    How Much Money Do You Have Saved? You should have three to six months of living expenses saved up at any given time. Got that, a steady income, plus a few extra thousand for baby clothes, furniture, stroller and more? Then check this off your “Am I ready?” list. Babies are expensive, so making sure that you and your spouse are financially stable is crucial before bringing a child into the world. You need to feel safe and secure with your finances and know what you can and cannot afford.

2.    Do You Have Enough Space? If you’re still holed up in your husband’s bachelor pad or your tiny East Village loft, it might be time to start looking for more appropriate living quarters for your new family. Trying to pack up your life and move while having a baby is tough, so consider finding a new place–in a good school district–that’s suitable for everyone before the baby is born.

3.    Do You Have The Time? Many people think they’re ready to have a baby, but don’t necessarily think about all that comes along with having a child. You can no longer regularly spend late nights at the office, and kiss your weekend “me time” goodbye. When you are able to fully understand all that’s involved and are prepared to do so, chances are that you will bring a happy child into this world.

4.    Still Want to Travel? Love your weekend getaways with friends, or the week you spend each year lounging poolside in Mexico? If you still have strong desires to travel and live freely without attachments, then you should hold off on trying to conceive. It’s OK to still want to experience life without too many responsibilities, but it’s smart to address this now before you have a child who needs your constant love, care and attention.

5.    Is Your Marriage Strong? Getting pregnant to save your marriage or give it a boost is NEVER a good idea. There is inevitable stress that comes along with having a child, and whether or not you and your spouse can endure the bumps is something to be discussed beforehand. If you and your spouse constantly bicker or view raising your child differently, then you must work on your own marriage first before even considering parenthood.


Confident you’re ready? Here are a few tips to help you conceive:

It’s important that women maintain their weight and are neither too heavy, nor too thin. Too much body fat can lead to an overproduction of hormones that can affect your ovulation cycle, and not enough body fat can lead to not producing enough hormones, thus throwing your ovulation out of whack.

Eating healthy and making sure your body gets enough essential vitamins and minerals ups your chances of conceiving. Keeping your diet clean with proteins and vegetables containing zinc, iron and vitamin C can help with your fertility. Most dark green vegetables, such as spinach and kale, contain all of the above vitamins and minerals.

Staying calm and maintaining a stress free environment is beneficial for you, your husband and your potential child. Feeling anxious makes it harder to conceive, so stay relaxed by…you guessed it…getting busy in the bedroom. Having sex produces more estrogen, so hit the sheets already!


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