7 Lessons Kate Middy Can Teach You

Kate MiddletonThe Duchess of Cambridge has stormed onto the global scene with resounding positive reviews. Let’s face it—everyone loves a fairytale. She’s confident, poised, beautiful and emulates qualities every woman can follow. Steal these moves from Mrs. Wales to become a princess (well, maybe not, but close enough).


1. Make your wedding about YOU. Many royals marry out of obligation or politics—not Kate and Wills. It was obvious on their wedding day: Did you catch Kate tell her new hubby “I’m so happy” when they slipped into their carriage after the ceremony? Unlike William’s parents, these two didn’t allow outside pressures to overwhelm them, and so on April 29, the Abbey was filled friends of the couple (and even the local butcher and postman!).


2. Hang out with your in-laws…without your guy! Kate is often spotted laughing from the sideline of a polo game with Prince Harry or smiling and lunching with William’s stepmother Camilla. She even seems chummy with the sometimes-cold Queen. Kate knew how important William’s family was to him and she made the effort to know them and wow them with her personality. Smart girl.


3. Save the sweats for home: Even when just running to the grocery store, Kate looks put together. She may not have full makeup on, but her polished style shines through. While, yes, she has cameras following her everywhere, you should still follow her lead and be put together whenever you leave the house. After all, you never know who you’ll run into!


4. Have a trademark: Raise your hand if you never heard the word ‘fascinator’ before Kate came along? Those tiny, fashionable hats are now all the rage thanks to K. Middy. Whether attending a wedding or another VIP event, Kate has a fascinator for every occasion and every one of them oozes style.


5. Don’t be a fashion snob. She may now have (more) millions, but Kate is often seen wearing clothing items twice. God bless her. Whether it’s her black heels, riding boots or signature wool coat—Kate isn’t afraid to wear staples twice and don dresses that cost less than $200. And we love her for it.


6. Know your best smile and rock it over and over: Kate has a look. That cute smile, head tilted down a bit, with hands poised. She strikes this pose over and over, and looks flawless every time. Follow her lead to take great pictures over and over.


7. Stay close to your family: It is widely known that Kate’s super tight with her siblings, Pippa and James. William’s rumored to call her father Michael ‘dad,’ and even joked with him on the altar about the wedding being “just a small family affair.” On top of that, William’s been adamant that the newlyweds will continue to spend holidays with Kate’s family, despite their new fancy titles.

What do you love most about the former Miss Middleton?


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Photo Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images, copyright St. James’s Palace 2011

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  • Nickirows

    Um, Kate did not make fascinators popular. They were popular for decades before she was ever born.

  • Guest

    So true about the fascinators! I had heard of them but thought they were only for stuffy people before Catherine came along. I just adore her! She has a special magnetic charm. All the best to the new couple!

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