7 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Burning

keep marriage hotAfter the honeymoon phase, it’s easy for couples to fall into a comfortable slump of sweats and Saturday nights in. What was once a hot and sexy attraction has now become a routine. Yes, romance changes throughout every stage of a relationship, but keeping things passionate with your partner will always remain a must! Use these tips to pull those first-date butterflies out of retirement:


1. Make Your Partner Feel Wanted: Letting your partner know that you’re still attracted to him and showering him with affection can never get old. Every person wants to feel loved and admired, so don’t ever hesitate to grab your partner’s hand, hold him tightly or kiss him in public. During the day, send an over-the-top flirty text or write a note for him to find in his briefcase (just don’t make that one too scandalous…you never know who will be near him when he finds it!).


2. Plan a Vacation: Whisking away for a weekend getaway is good for your health and love life. When the craziness of work and the daily grind takes over, book a breath of fresh air–and leave the iPad at home.


3. Take Risks: Remember when you were dating and willing to try new things…like eating at that sketchy restaurant because your guy swore it was amazing? Well, don’t lose that sense of adventure just because you’re now legally coupled up. Being carefree and fearless is attractive, so jump in the ocean with your clothes on, spontaneously take a long drive down to your favorite  spot, or even go skydiving. Doing something unexpected or out of the norm keeps your partner’s attention and the excitement alive.


4. Spoil and Surprise Each Other: A stale relationship is not a long-lasting one. If you see something you know your partner will love, buy it. It doesn’t have to cost a small fortune–just picking up his favorite candy will do. Little things like noticing what your partner enjoys shows that you listen and are constantly thinking about his happiness.


5. Have a Date Night: Making time isn’t always easy, but it’s incredibly important. Set aside one night every (yes, every!) week to have a date night alone. Visit your favorite local restaurant, take in the latest movie or even have a picnic dinner in the park. Your call…just get out of the house!


6. Dress Up: Whether you’re always in workout clothes or dressed in a conservative outfit for work, your husband still recalls the 20-year-old you who wore red and lace, and spent an hour primping before seeing him. Why not still do that? Getting dressed up is not only good for your partner, but more importantly, it’s good for yourself. Sometimes we get too comfortable because we feel like we don’t have to try anymore. You forget how hot you are, so remind yourself (and your honey!).


7. Have SEX: Last, but certainly not least, you can never go wrong with having sex. Spice things up, add in some outfits, and constantly explore your partner’s desires. Sex makes you feel happier, healthier and more alive. On that note, get down to business!


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