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B2B (Bride2Bride) is a wedding-planning column by Jordan Marshall, who’s getting married in the fall of 2012. Check back every other week to see what new decisions she’s having to make (and help her out!)

I’ve been engaged for just under a month. As I mentioned, I have a budget and bridesmaids picked out … and that’s about it. I know my wedding is more than a year away, and I know I don’t have to have everything planned out right this second, but I don’t even have a date set in stone! How am I supposed to reserve the church, photog, reception, etc.? Deep breaths, Jordan, deep breaths.

One thing I did manage to get productive on was my “theme” or “feel” of the wedding. A friend of mine invited me to join and it’s been a gift sent straight down from heaven. For those of you not familiar with the site, it’s basically a virtual pin board that allows you to have different categories … aka “boards.”

I have a few boards for clothes, my bird obsession, and decorating, but my favorite is my wedding one aptly named “the b2b.”

This site allows me to pin different ideas, dresses, hair do’s, inspiration, etc. I’ve noticed a theme of colors and ideas that I want for my wedding. This tool is so much fun and addictive. My fiance (I’m still getting used to saying that – ha!) makes fun of me because I wake up pinning and go to bed pinning. I swear, I could look at that site and pin different images from other sites all day long.

After I started pinning, I noticed that all of the things I liked had a certain look to them. I chose ideas with the same color scheme and most of my pins were unintentionally cohesive. This was one thing I was nervous about when planning was that everything wasn’t going to look like it went together.

I think this will be very useful when I meet with the wedding planner in September. I also let my mom and MOH have access to pin on my B2B board with any ideas they come across. While I still love looking through a good wedding magazine, I do like that all of my ideas are nice and neatly displayed for everyone to see!

I invite you to follow my pin board at Feel free to comment and share any ideas! I’d love to hear from fellow, past, and future B2B-ers!

Next time … deciding on a reception venue. I have one down and two more to visit. How does a girl decide??

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  • Ashley

    Congrats on your engagement! I have been engaged for 3 months today (holler!) and my wedding is in March, so I know exactly how your mind is probably bouncing from one idea to the next. If you haven’t already checked out Style Me Pretty ( ), I highly recommend it! I’m basically addicted and check it daily for new ideas- you can also create boards there…. wait, this might be counterproductive to your idea of keeping it all in one place! :)

    Two other great wedding inspiration blogs are Lovely Bride ( and The Knotty Bride (

    I’m sure you’re in wedding overload, but best of luck to you!

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