Study Says More People Are Snooping Partner’s Emails


Pop Quiz! Your boyfriend leaves his Gmail open on your computer. He’s gone and you’re on his account. What do you do?

A. Close it out immediately. You don’t want to betray his trust … or see your birthday present shipping information from Amazon.

B. Glance at the subject lines but log out before you open up individual emails.

C. Dive into it reading his Facebook notifications, emails and seeing who initiates chat with him.

If you answered B or C, you feel the same as 35% of women who have checked the email or call history of someone they were dating without them knowing it. This is all according to a survey from Retrevo.

One of the big findings: Overall the number of people under 25 checking their boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s emails or call history rose from 38% last year to 47% this year. Women continue to be a bit more suspicious than men. The number of women saying they checked their partner’s email or call history without them knowing rose from 24% to 35%.

So, let us know where you stand. Would you snoop your boyfriend’s email or do you think that’s the biggest no-no?

Photo Credit: Unlisted Sightings via Flickr

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  • Asbillets

    No. You should never violate someone so deeply as to snoop on anything that isn’t yours. There are no exceptions to this rule of conduct of personal rights.

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