How A Wedding Planner Can Save Your Big Day

Valerie Metrejean Woerner

B2B (Bride2Bride) is a wedding-planning column by Jordan Marshall, who’s getting married in the fall of 2012. Check back every other week to see what new decisions she’s having to make (and help her out!)

Planning a wedding is stressful business, ladies. Trying to settle on a date (we finally set ours – November 3, 2012), reception venue, budget, bridesmaids, flowers, foods, etc., can be very overwhelming for any bride. That’s why I would highly recommend getting a wedding planner if your budget allows, or ask a family friend to help a sister out.

I knew from the night I got engaged that I wanted Valerie Woerner (the woman in the pic!) from Southern Fete to be my wedding planner. Val and I went to college together. I knew she started her own company based out of Lafayette, La. a few years ago where she is an event planner as well as a creative designer. I had also Facebook stalked her wedding pictures and videos, so I knew we had similar styles and tastes.

When I first called her, I was very concerned that I wouldn’t be able to express my vision to her. Valerie gave me some excellent advice. She told me to mark any kind of inspiration I see for my wedding. It could be in a wedding magazine, a photograph, clothes … anything. One Saturday, one of my bridesmaids and I went to a bookstore and bought every wedding magazine in sight. We spent the rest of the afternoon combing through the pages and tagging ideas. Shortly after that, I discovered It was so easy to see that all the things I liked had a certain theme!

A few weekends ago, I met with Valerie in person along with my mom and my future mother-in-law. Valerie told us exactly what to expect from her leading up to the wedding day and her duties on the actual day. When she started talking about the Big Day, my mom started crying. I’m sure she gets that a lot. Basically, Valerie is going to take care of mostly everything on the wedding day and will guide me along the way to make sure I speak up when meeting with vendors about my wedding vision. She is also going to send us an idea board via email for our wedding ceremony and reception. And the package we purchased includes invitation design! I am so excited to see what kind of ideas she comes up with for our wedding day! Since my mom and I live about five hours apart, it is so nice to have someone helping us.

I know not everyone can afford a wedding planner. One of my best friends (and one of my bridesmaids), LeAnn, is getting married in the spring. She does not have room in her budget for a wedding planner. She is one of the most organized people I know, so it really wouldn’t make sense for her to spend the money on a wedding planner when she can do it herself. She said when she first got engaged she scoured through all the wedding websites, magazines and for ideas. She then enlisted her mother’s BFF to coordinate the ceremony. Her mom’s bestie will be available to run errands, set up, decorate, and make sure things are running smoothly. LeAnn says that she likes having full control over the decisions, and while it has been stressful at times, she has really enjoyed the planning aspects so far.

What was your experience with a wedding planner? Or did you do it all yourself?

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    Wedding Planners are absolutely essential for pulling off that special day. In the same way you’d hire a mechanic to fix your car, the same approach should be taken when planning a wedding. Excellent post!

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