5 Things You Must Try (For the First Time!) This Fall

Pumpkin patches and apple picking are classic, fun activities for November weather, but why not try something new this year? We suggest shaking up your fall by adding these festive activities!

Make a Centerpiece for Thanksgiving
Not the type to get elbow deep in turkey giblets? Contribute to your family’s Turkey Day by creating a lovely centerpiece for the table. Hit up Michaels for plastic fruit and build a cornucopia, or make an arrangement with candles and fresh flowers. The extra décor will brighten the special feast.

Assess Your Wardrobe
Purging old clothes from time to time is a great way to clear closet space (and make room for new must-have items!), but a full wardrobe assessment is the perfect way to embrace the fall. Box up your summer clothes and flip-flops, but here’s the challenge: Pull out five items you normally stash for the season and find ways to incorporate those pieces into your fall wardrobe. That spaghetti strap dress? Layer a sweater or blouse over it and — boom — it’s now a functional fall skirt.

Go Tea Tasting
Looking for a new cultural experience? Spend a weekend afternoon visiting a tea house. Known as places to relax, tea houses also demonstrate Asian culture’s finest tea practices and provide the chance to sample brews from around the world. Plus, it’ll warm you up from the inside out!

Clean Up Summer Hair Highlights
Whether you’re in the midst of the fall semester at grad school or wrapping up major business projects before the holidays, we sometimes forget to take care of routine hair maintenance. While summertime often means adding a few highlights, fall is a time for shedding the sun-kissed look and starting fresh. Touch up your locks with lowlights or a darker shade that you’ve never tried before for a sexy new fall look.

Organize a Leaf Cleanup
This time of year, every driveway, street curb and backyard faces the same dilemma — a downpour of crunchy leaves! In need of some cleanup assistance? Round up a few friends, spike the apple cider, and we guarantee an old-school leaf fight will break out!


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Photo Credit: New Brunswick Tourism via Flickr

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