“Three Things I learned This Year”


20-Somethings’ Stories is a 4-part series of blog entries written by women attempting to conquer their Quarter Life. This is Laura’s last post.

Okay guys, so you know that I’m 25 and finally a college graduate! It’s been fun sharing with you what life has brought my way recently and while everyone is going crazy trying to create New Year’s resolutions and such, I’ve been in a pretty reflective mood, just going over every single experience that has brought me to this point. So with gratitude in my heart, I just wanted to share a few things that I’ve learned and would hope to continue to apply and build on for 2012.

It’s not a secret that life at this age can be overwhelming; we want the right job, the right friends, the right romance and eventually the right life. However, I’ve come to learn, through sometimes less than favorable lessons, that the right anything is what you can define as leaving you happy, healthy, motivated and satisfied. Everyone is different and it’s time, since everyone is talking about time, that we learn to appreciate ourselves and our own experiences. Here are three personal lessons I wanted to share and hopefully you’re able to walk away with something useful! Happy New Year!

Step/ Rule # 1
Learn to accept where you are:
I know you’re thinking, “Why accept where I am if I have a desire to become more or better?” The problem is how can you get better or acquire more if you don’t know where you’ve been or where you’re coming from? If you don’t acknowledge the mountain as your climbing, standing at the top won’t mean as much. This year has taught me to appreciate every moment of life, whether good or bad; each serves its own patch to the “quilt” of your life. There’s nothing like acknowledging and accepting wholeheartedly that we each have our own story to share and that is what in fact makes us all different. Don’t deny your story. Own it!

Step/Rule# 2
Don’t limit yourself:
Often times we think if we plan to see the Statue of Liberty, we can’t visit San Francisco Bridge, too. I used these monuments to communicate that just because you say you want to visit one amazing place, you can’t visit another and another in the same year. It’s all about planning and believing that anything is possible even with something as simple as wanting to travel and see God’s green Earth. I want to see Aruba, Italy and South Africa. I’ll let you know how my planning goes.

Step/Rule #3
Learn to let love in:
Okay, with this one you might be moved to roll your eyes and say, “Duh, I’m willing to let love in, that’s why I’m in search of the right love.” However, sometimes we are so caught up on the hurts of the past that we aren’t able to see love that might be staring us right in the face. It can be so easy to write people off because they remind us of some unpleasant time in our lives. However, if we’re willing to let go of all past hurts no matter how deep or tragic they might have been, we’ll be able to see that no human is perfect and each deserves their own clean slate to work from. It’s not an easy thing to do and I’m obviously no Dr. Phil, but as a woman seeing love in a new light, I’m thinking why not give this suggestion a try? It’s a new year, what do you have to lose?

Laura Eustache is a senior at Binghamton University, ready to conquer the quarter life after college.

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Photo Credit: Laura Eustache

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