Perks of Being Single, Awesome 90s Cartoons, Cheap Travel Tips + More!

Happy (almost) Valentines Day! In the month of love, which most single 20-somethings may despise, we have an article all about reasons why being single is way better than being in a relationship. Unless of course, you’re in a relationship! Check out our top articles including 90s cartoons we love and ways to travel for cheap. Which articles of ours are your favorites from the past week? A Girls Guide to Winter Driving Six-Pack Abs on a Budget 20-Something Perks to Being a Single... Read More

No Dreading V-Day! Here’s 7 (Exciting) Ways To Celebrate

Put down the way-too-cheesy greeting card and the box of chocolates! This Valentine’s Day, it’s time to ditch the old and reinvent this Hallmark Holiday by doing something new. It’s very easy to get stuck in the same routine when it comes to this day filled with red, pink, candy and hearts. However, it’s time for the ladies to add some fuel to the fire and kick start a sexier and flirtier day of love. Life2PointOh has got your back with these 7 creative ways... Read More

20-Something Valentine’s Day Promises To Make This Year

Will you be mine? I’m yours. Let’s kiss! Whether you’ve been hit by Cupid’s arrow or remain in the bulls-eye of singlehood, we have 20+ Valentine’s Day promises everyone should keep this February 14th. 1. Be a good girlfriend and do something nice for the BF, such as taking him to his fave restaurant or slipping into something sexy! (Sorry, college sweatpants are not on the sexy list.) 2. No “poor me” attitude this year, single ladies. There are plenty of... Read More

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