The Best–And Safest!–Way To Do a Body Cleanse

body cleanseWe’ve all heard about celebrities doing a cleanse before a big event. But why wait for your next party? Cleanses don’t necessarily have to be done for a specific occasion. After all, ridding your body of the toxins that we’re exposed to on a daily basis is beneficial for your overall health–as long as it’s done properly. There are many types of cleanses that differ based on individual needs and desires and it’s important to find which is best for you. Here are some ways to make sure you find that perfect fit:
1. Choose the right program
Whether you plan on going raw for a cleanse or completely eliminating solid foods, finding the program that coincides well with your lifestyle is essential in having a successful and pleasurable cleansing experience. Before starting a cleanse, know what your priorities are and clarify why you’re choosing to detox. Some companies, like Pressed Juicery in LA, are based off of fueling your body with organic juices that are full of essential nutrients from vegetables and fruits. Zuddha offers raw food cleanses that help jumpstart a more natural diet, full of nutritional and antioxidant rich foods. Both require dedication and patience, but finding what style works for you is crucial.
2. Prepare early on
Before you start your cleanse, it’s also necessary to prep your body for the changes to come. You should eliminate caffeine, alcohol, and any tobacco products a few days before, so there’s no chance of severe withdrawal while on the cleanse. Failure to do so can worsen any prior health issues. Trade sodas for water and opt for herbal teas or fresh squeezed juice if you’re craving something with more flavor. It’s best to start a more natural diet that is full of vegetables and fruits before the cleanse. It will be much harder to succeed in your plans if you’re eating heavy amounts of meat and fats in the days leading up to it. Eating healthier beforehand will help properly prepare your body.
3. Exercise (lightly)
Sweating is another way to get rid of stress and toxins, so there’s no real health reason to not continue with exercise during your cleanse. However, you should probably trade in your running habit for some hot (and relaxing!) yoga. Yoga helps you detox both physically and mentally and will help amplify your cleanse. It’s a good way to calm your body down while also releasing harmful substances. Plus, you may find a new hobby within the process.
4. Take a few days for yourself
Cleansing requires you to take yourself out of your normal routine and eating habits, mainly because your body is releasing toxins and sometimes side effects can occur. It’s important to make sure you start a cleanse at a time when you don’t have to rush into work for 7 a.m. meetings or are about to head on a vacation. If you have a couple days where you have less work and more free time, opt to schedule your cleanse during that period.
5. View your cleanse as a new start
Many people use the terms “detox” and “cleansing” too lightly. It shouldn’t be about losing weight, but rather about giving your body what it deserves. Think of the process as a way to clean out your system and start fresh. Making the changes to your diet can have you seeing the benefits for years to come.
Would you ever do a body cleanse?
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