Freelancing in Your 20s, Safety Tips, Facebook Etiquette + More!

Thank God it’s Friday! Don’t forget to check out our top articles from the past week on Life2PointOh. We have articles about TMI on social network sites to an article about why Egypt should be high up on your travel list. What was your favorite article from our site last week? “It’s Been Nearly a Year since I’ve had a ‘Proper’ Job” Add Egypt to Your Travel Bucket List Do you Reveal too Much Online? Never (Ever!) be a Victim! “I Changed my Mind A Lot”   Like... Read More

“I’ve Gotten a Glimpse of What Real Life Is”

20-Somethings’ Stories is a 4-part series of blog entries written by women attempting to conquer their Quarter Life. Check back every Friday to follow Carly’s journey. Growing up, the only thing I’d ever come to know about being in your twenty something years was that it was a time worth longing for. A time when your body is at its healthiest. A time when you’re young enough to shamelessly rely on your parents yet old enough to make your own rules. A time when the whole... Read More

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