The I-Do’s and Don’ts of Being a Bridesmaid

Be a good bridesmaid

Your best friend has counted on you since your first try at the monkey bars together, followed by an exchange of connecting-heart-BFF necklaces. She giggled with you through every crush; she leaned on you after each break-up; and now she needs you by her side on the most important day of her life: her wedding day. No pressure. In order to prevent your B-F-F/Bride-2-Be from turning into a bride-z-i-l-l-a, follow these crucial do’s and don’ts of a dutiful bridesmaid.

Do offer the Mrs.-to-be a well-researched list of the best wedding planners in the area.
Don’t take on a second full-time job as her personal wedding planner.

Do accompany her in shopping for the bridesmaids’ dress style and color palette.
Don’t hint that your complexion looks best in white.

Do tell the bride how much you love her dress and even share tears of joy when she steps out of the fitting room.
Don’t start hysterically crying that you can’t believe she’s getting married before you.

Do post inspirational wedding photos and ideas on Facebook and Pinterest.
Don’t tag your BFF in photos of her wedding dress for people (like her fiance) to see!

Do work together with your fellow bridesmaids to throw a bridal shower and split the cost of a larger gift on the registry.
Don’t start an 8-mile-long group email thread that involves your rant as to why a couple would need a $300 serving spoon.

Do save up money to afford your dress, hair and make-up for the wedding day.
Don’t open a new credit card just to purchase a pair of Christian Louboutin’s because the red sole perfectly matches your “Apple Red” bridesmaid dress.

Do plan an affordable bachelorette party that will accommodate the entire bridal party.
Don’t tell everyone you booked a suite in Vegas for 3-nights, which really means a motel off the strip with one twin bed and 4 cots.

Do get ready together on the morning of the big day over mimosas and a cheese plate!
Don’t get wasted and pass-out by noon.

Do walk down the aisle with your chin high, flowers low and a happy smile.
Don’t roll your eyes for having to stand for an hour.

Do cheer when your best friend exchanges her vows and kisses her new husband.
Don’t yell, “Booooo!”

What else have you learned from being a bridesmaid?


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  • chull

    Having your bridesmaids act as servers at your reception.

  • Georgestraitfan101

    Don’t back out of the brides wedding at the last minute!

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