The Bachelorette Recap: Kiss or Dismiss

Bachelorette Emily and Dolly PartonEmily’s season does feel different so far – and I’m not sure how I feel about that. It’s pretty awesome that she gets to run 12 potential husbands by her best friends, but I kind of miss the sense of total isolation that usually allows for poor – or at least tortured – decision making. I do appreciate that she doesn’t like to wait for the rose ceremony to send people home – let’s see who didn’t make it through the party this week (and who scored more than a rose)!

  • After a few false starts (really, you went for the high five after scaling a building side-by-side?) and a semi-awkward request, Chris got the first kiss of the season, during what is quickly becoming Emily’s signature move on her individual dates – the slow dance to live music performed for just the two of them. All of Charlotte got to join in after the initial songs – must be fun to have the Bachelorette perform in your town!
  • We were unsure Tony knew he was being dismissed and we think his work-the-kid angle might have backfired just a touch, but Emily came out looking compassionate and Tony didn’t seem too upset to be headed back to Oregon. We’re not super sad to be missing out on watching people make phone calls.
  • Arie’s one-on-one Dollywood date consisted of a whole lot of making out and a pleasant glimpse of Emily as a real person freaking out when given a chance to meet a woman she admires for speaking her mind and… wearing costumes every day. Arie may not have known who Dolly Parton was, but he played it off well. Bonus kiss at the cocktail party after the following suitor’s debacle.
  • Alessandro provided both of my favorite moments of tonight’s episode and possibly the entire season. We really tried to come up with a favorable translation for compromise but nope, he just feels like a kid might be an OK tradeoff for dating a hot blonde. Dismissed. In the bonus footage, we get Emily’s friends wonderful reactions to the news that Alessandro also dated (and cheated on?) his cousin. Apparently he is also a vampire detector – shame on you, ABC, for making us miss this moment.
  • The last kiss of the night went to my current favorite Sean, who also snagged the group date rose after letting his inquisitor sit on his shirtless back during a round of pushups. He may not be a dad yet, but they would make beautiful babies.

Our favorite fashion of the night: Emily’s sequined group date miniskirt

Saying goodbye: No rose for Stevie. Sorry, Party MC, but no one likes to be danced to on a date.

Tune in next week for Bermuda, sailing races and a Bachelorette Bracket update!

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Photo Credit: ABC

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