Get Your Dream Career: How Five 20-Somethings Found Jobs They Love

Dream Job

Haven’t quite landed your dream job yet? Don’t worry–you’re not the only one! It’s rare to find 20-somethings who have it all figured out, especially when it comes to our careers. Snagging an amazing internship is usually the first step. Then, you have to nail the interview for a gig that will hopefully get you out of the ‘rents house. And to inspire you not... Read More

Screw You, Vending Machine! Healthy Snacks to Avoid the 3PM Crash


Picture this: You’ve been doing great with healthy eating, sticking to a sensible and nutritious diet. Then comes a crazy day at the office when you don’t have time to go out for lunch, your stomach is growling, and before you know it, you’re making a break for the vending machine. Hello, Pop-Tarts! However, if you stock your desk correctly and are prepared for busy days... Read More

Why 30 Should NOT Be the New 20!

Defining Decade

Ever feel like you’re not quite an “adult” yet? Trust us when we say we have that feeling on the regular. It’s partly because we think this one decade doesn’t really matter when we’ve got our whole lives ahead of us. But that’s where we’re wrong. We think we have much more time to get our lives—and ourselves—figured out than we actually do.... Read More

Work Conflict 101: What To Do When You (Or a Peer) Becomes the Boss

Getting Promoted

These days, your coworkers aren’t just colleagues. They very likely could be some of your closest friends. However, when one of you is promoted to a managerial position to oversee the rest of your department, tensions can rise—quickly. To figure out how exactly to navigate these choppy waters, we talked to some of the top career experts and coaches in the country. So whether... Read More

“The Best Career Advice I Received Was…”

Career Advice

What should I do? When it comes to career changes, we’ve all had that particular question run through our minds. Sometimes, it’ll even keep you up at night. Whether you’re debating a new job, switching careers, or quitting and traveling for a year, you turn to your friends, family and mentors for advice. But how do you separate the good advice from the bad advice? Here, we’re... Read More

20-Something Books Every 20-Something Must Read


You’ve finished college, which means finally having enough free time for leisure reading once again. But what books should be on your reading list? Consider Life2PointOh your go-to librarian! Our list of must-reads for every 20-something features memoirs, fiction, self-help, cookbooks and various other stories of inspiration and life lessons to be learned. And if you’re... Read More

The Pros and Cons of Dating a Coworker!


After you graduate from college and get a real job, the question arises, how are you supposed to meet cute guys now? It’s your first day on the new job and you spot a cute guy in the cubicle next door. What do you do? Check out Life2PointOh’s Pros and Cons of dipping your pen in the company ink: Pros: You get to see him every day You don’t have to worry about him having... Read More

Driven to Succeed: “I Changed Careers in My 20s”

New Career Path

There’s a certain expectation for how life is supposed to unfold. You get into college. You pick a major. You study that subject for four to five years. And then you take that knowledge and, if you’re lucky, turn it into a career you love. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. Life is full of game-changing surprises, which means there are probably hundreds of unexpected speed-bumps... Read More

Sleep in 20 Minutes Later Every Morning!

alarm clock

With exception to the rare breed of ladies who can wake up at the crack of dawn, eat breakfast, read the paper, and greet each day with a smile on their faces, most 20-somethings do everything in their power to hit the snooze button at least a few times before crawling out of bed. And let’s face it: Your alarm clock is a bona fide ball buster, so fight back and collect as... Read More

Be the Life of Your Holiday Office Party…Without Getting Fired

holiday cookies

It’s that time of year again–twinkling lights, snowmen, and, oh yeah..the annual holiday office party. So how can you make sure that all of the free food and booze doesn’t go to your head? Life2PointOh talked to Philip Galanes, the Social Q’s advice columnist for The New York Times and author of Social Q’s:  How to Survive the Quirks, Quandaries... Read More

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