“You’ll never regret making the best of what you’re given”

20-Somethings’ Stories is a 4-part series of blog entries written by women attempting to conquer their Quarter Life. Check back every Wednesday to follow Danielle’s journey. Crisis – however it may be defined in your eyes – is an inevitable part of everyone’s life. Whether you work full-time, have ten children or sit home and knit every day of your life, you’ve probably faced a crisis or two at a point in time. Most people panic when crisis hits, and I used to... Read More

What If…?

What if I don’t make any friends? What if I don’t find the one? What if I don’t accomplish all I’ve wanted to accomplish by next year, next decade? What if?!… I recently came across a very inspiring photo. It was very simple and to the point. The quote on the photo read, ” If you want to be happy, then be.” I feel like most people spend their 20s soul-searching. Whether it’s for the perfect job, partner, house, wardrobe, whatever the case may be,... Read More

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