Dance to Good Health!

Oh, don’t act like you haven’t jumped out of the shower, wrapped a towel around you and danced yourself dry. We also bet you turn on your favorite music and dance when you’re getting primped for a ladies night out (it’s kind of like opening your mouth to put on mascara, they just go together). So trust that instinct; that little mover inside of you that loves to dance. Dancing is healthy. Don’t believe us? Let’s break this down. In order to lose one pound, you... Read More

Nobody Should Feel Unpretty Anymore

My students don’t know that I see them, but I do. They will turn ever so slightly to the side, looking at their body in the mirror, and then it happens… the hand moves to the stomach and they suck in.   As their dance teacher, I know the “Turn and adjust” experience well. When I was their age, I was guilty of the same concern: Am I too fat? Have I gained too much weight? Maybe I should stop eating just for a little while (like that’s a realistic option…) But... Read More

When Life Goals Don’t Go Quite As Planned…

As a dancer, I’ve spent my entire life learning how to be graceful. I can run on my toes, quietly across the floor. I can execute a proper triple pirouette (quadruple on a really good day!). I can jump high into the air and land, without making a sound. I dance through my fingertips to ends of my toes, and with all of my heart. You would think after all of these lessons in discipline and grace, I could tip-toe and curtsey my way through my twenties. Not so. In fact, not even... Read More

Instructional Videos: How to Dance at a Wedding

It’s wedding season, and whether you’re a bride or a guest, you will definitely be spending some time on the dance floor at some point this summer. To get you ready for the inevitable wedding reception line dance, we searched YouTube for the best how-to videos for the top five dances to do at weddings. You’re welcome. Cupid Shuffle (full song here) Chicken Dance Cotton Eyed Joe Cha Cha Slide Down South Shuffle (full song here) We couldn’t... Read More

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