End-of-Summer Flings, Things Jennifer Aniston Taught Me, DIY Bracelet + More!

Every Sunday we find the best articles from the past week and post them in one spot so they are all in one easy location. This week we have love lessons from our fave TV shows, all the way to a peach limeade recipe. Did you find a good article this week? Post it in the comments for everyone to see! Five Love Lessons from Our Favorite Summer TV Shows — Her Campus Eat Under $10: Corn Fritters — Small Kitchen College DIY Wire Cuff Bracelet — Gurl 6 Things Disney Movies Taught... Read More

Technology and Relationships, Easy Recipes, DIY Wall Art + More!

Sunday’s are great, but thinking about work or school the next day sucks! However the best part of Sunday’s are when we post our recourse roundup. Basically we search the web for the coolest 20-something stories that came out this past week and we post them in one place so that everyone can go read them too! If you came across a great article this week then you should post it in the comments so everyone can check it out. DIY Stencil Wall Art — Gurl 5 Apartment Features... Read More

Breakups Suck, Oral Hygiene is Real Important, Types of Non-BFs + More!

Happy Sunday! This week we have articles ranging from boyfriends to work out regimes and of course some type of alcohol recipe. Our favorite article of the week is from Greatist and totally scared us into flossing and making sure that we take care of our oral hygiene. Did you find a great article for 20-somethings this week? Post the link in the comments for everyone to check out. 25 Things I Know now That I’m 25 — Huffington Post Women 5 Cheap & Easy DIY Home SPA Treatments... Read More

Dating Bucket List, Vegetable Risotto Recipe, Sunday Funday Alcohol + More!

Every Friday Life2PointOh recaps and reposts all the best articles from the past week in one spot so you don’t have to search around the site for all the ones you may have missed. This week brides reveal the best wedding gift they got and we have a bucket list of dates you should’ve gone on by the time you hit 30! Which article was your favorite from the past week? “Your 20s is a Roller Coaster, Enjoy the Ride” Dating Bucket List: 20-Something Dates for Your 20s Brides... Read More

Boost Sexual Confidence, Things to Make Your 20s Better, Cool Jobs + More!

Happy Sunday! This week on our resource roundup up we are totally obsessed with Forever Twenty Something’s articles on heartthrobs from the 90s. Which article did you like the most from the past week? If you came across any good ones, post them in the comments for everyone to see! The Seven Coolest Jobs You’ve Never heard Of — Her Campus DIY Summer Jams — Small Kitchen College Ask a Naked Guy: All About Cheating — Gurl Live a Little Before you are Too Busy Dying —... Read More

Things Girls Wish Guys Knew, Clueless Love Lessons, Hot Weather Dates + More!

Happy Sunday! Every week we search the Internet for the best stories that have been published in the past week. This week, our favorite article is in honor of the 17th anniversary of the classic Clueless and all the lessons that we have learned about sex and dating from Cher and Dionne! Which article was your favorite this week? Post in the comments and link to other great articles we may have missed! What we Love (& Love to Hate) About Summer Romance Movies — Her Campus Hot... Read More

Lies Single Girls Tell, Unhealthy Eating Habits, Stages of Facebooking + More!

Every Sunday, Life2PointOh searches the web for the best articles from the past week so it’s easier for you to read the ones that really matter! From unhealthy food habits to the best lessons you will learn throughout your 20s, the articles this week are sure to give you some new inspiration for cooking, living, dating and everything in between. Which article did you like the most this week? If you came across any good ones, share them in the comments The Unhealthiest Eating... Read More

Moving to Los Angeles, Why 30 Isn’t the New 20, Alcohol Recipe + More!

Happy Friday! Each week Life2PointOh reposts stories that they have published over the past week so that you guys can be sure to read all the hopefully tips you may have missed over the past week. This week we have a Cheese and Peach salad, The Bachelorette recap and the amazing story of one girl who moved to Los Angeles with no plan or job. See how she managed to get her life together! Which story was your favorite from the past week? Tuesday Foodsday: Fancy Cheese and Peach... Read More

Ask a Naked Guy, Pesto Pasta Recipe, Things We Would Give up Sex For + More!

Happy Sunday! Every week Life2Pointoh searches the web for the best articles that have come out in the past week. From relationships and recipes to careers and comedy, we find everything that a 20-something could possibly need to get her through the quarter-life. See any good articles? Post them in the comments for everyone to see! Ask a Naked Guy with Smosh — Gurl Presto Pesto: Variations on an Italian Classic — Small Kitchen College Beauty Box: Scotch Tape Nails — Carbon... Read More

Summer Date Ideas, Ewoks for Pets, How to Have a Summer Fling + More!

Happy almost 4th of July! Hopefully you have time to relax this week and check out all the articles from the past week. From burning calories during sex to some romantic summer date ideas, we round up all the best stories each Sunday. Did you see any great articles this past week? Post them in the comments so everyone can check them out! Five Foodie Tweaks Every 20-Something should Take — Small Kitchen College Video of The Week: DIY Shoe Clips — Gurl How Many Calories can... Read More

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