“Sometimes You Just Have to Hit a Pause Button and Take a Time Out”

20-Somethings’ Stories is a 4-part series of blog entries written by women attempting to conquer their Quarter Life. Check back every Monday to follow Kim’s journey. Time flies when you’re having fun. It travels even faster when you’re me. My whole life in my 20s has been a revolving door. The circus could probably hire me as an All -Star juggler. I have taken on so many roles; sometimes I even surprise myself at how I can juggle them all at the same time. First and... Read More

So… I Married a Rockstar (Literally)

Explaining what my husband does for a living is often tiresome. He isn’t a Cognitive Astrophysics Data Input Tech Specialist at NASA (not a real job, although he’d be great at it), but a talented, touring, real-life guitar hero. He’s in the band The Bigger Lights, and when he’s not on the road playing shows across the country, I see him four months a year on average. Chris and I met in the fall of 2003 at college when he was my then-crush’s-best-friend-slash-band-mate.... Read More

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